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Advanced Electronic Manufacturing Company

Multi-Geographic Footprint

GMI’s geographic strategy is one of a kind. Our North Carolina facility provides the expertise needed to launch a product, while our Costa Rica and Korea operations seamlessly provide higher-volume, low-cost manufacturing capabilities for ramp up.
The Industries We Serve 

At GMI, we understand that each industry has unique attributes and requirements. We have completed multiple manufacturing projects in many major industries, such as defense, medical and industrial automation.
Rapid Response Prototype Service

GMI has developed a new Rapid Response Prototype Service. Timing is critical in new product development. GMI is committed to building high-quality, custom prototypes for expedited delivery. 
   GMI Certifications

IPC QML Certified
Electronics Industry Standards

ISO 13485

Medical Devices

ISO 80079-34

Explosive Atmospheres
ITAR Registered
Traffic in Arms Regulations
ISO 9001
Quality Management

ISO 14001

Environmental Management