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Box Build Assembly Services

GMI's BOX BUILD Services result in

cost improvement and decreased time-to-market.  

Box Build Assembly Services


from simple to complex

when your next project comes into view, we hope that gmi will be your manufacturer-of-choice 

GMI's Value

Delivering precision and quality on projects Large or small, simple or complex.

General Microcircuits has been providing box build services to our customers for decades. Whether your design requires a simple, straightforward box build or a more complex assembly, GMI has the expertise, equipment and experience to meet your needs.

Having strong supply chain relationships is critical to General Microcircuit’s ability to offer alternative sourcing solutions in low cost geographies. Selected Alliance partners work with either a GMI employee located in Asia or its Costa Rican facility to provide best fit solutions for injection molded plastic, custom metal fabrication, wire harness fabrication and other custom electro-mechanical components. We strive to achieve the most highly effective supply chain management in the industry and our processes are carefully developed and closely monitored. The result is reliable inventory, overall Bill of Material cost improvement, smooth process operation, and decreased time-to-market.  

“GMI is the most impressive Contract Manufacturer that I have worked with. I am most impressed with the quality of the product, the quality of their equipment, and the people I work with there. Good job GMI.”