Automatic Meter Reading (Mesh)
GMI produces circuit boards for Smart Meters enabling water, gas and electricity companies to wirelessly monitor usage amounts, replacing the time consuming task of manually reading a meter.

Defense/Homeland Security
GMI works with companies in Defense/Homeland Security to develop devices that protect fiber optic networks from tampering. 

Electrical Power Generation 
GMI builds the controls for renewable energy such as wind turbines and inverters for solar panels.

Industrial Controls 
We work with companies in the industrial sector to develop the latest in automation equipment that monitor and control critical functions of factory machines.

Laboratory Instrumentation 
GMI produces circuit boards for devices that detect radiation. 

LED Lighting Solutions 
GMI provides electronic components for LED Lighting systems for a wide range of usages, from medical devices that cure jaundice in infants to industrial lighting and street lights.

GMI is a partner in the building of medical carts that carry prescription medication and is equipped to monitor a patient’s blood pressure and temperature.

Network Infrastructure 
We produce PCBs for networks for a wide variety of industries and usage, including many of the products listed above and below.

Radio Frequency Systems
GMI helps Utility companies stay on the cutting-edge by providing equipment that allows them to optimize electricity usage with real time reporting.

Safety Systems
GMI assists in the development of a device that monitors body core temperature to avoid overheating or heat stroke. In addition, we build badges that detect hazardous gases. 

Vehicle Systems
We work with vehicle manufacturers to create diagnostic systems for buses and trucks fleet maintenance. 

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