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Costa rica

when your next project comes into view, we hope that gmi will be your manufacturer-of-choice 

General Microcircuits operates in Costa Rica to provide our customers with a lower-cost option that is still close enough to meet delivery constraints. Production in Central America offers many advantages, including:

  • Free Trade Zone - no duties/tariffs
  • 7-10 days transit by sea
  • 95% literacy rate in Costa Rica 
  • Electronics are the #1 Costa Rican export
  • Central Standard Time – only 1 hour behind domestic facility
  • Less than 4 hours from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
  • Daily flights from East Coast cities such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York and Miami
  • Material Sourced in USA

GMI Costa Rica
Bodega 23
Bes Park
Zona Franca Bes
Alajuela, Costa Rica

P 011-506-2439-1100
F 011-506-2439-0989

Electronic Manufacturing Services Costa Rica