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GMI works with customers during all phases of a product’s life cycle. However in most cases, GMI initially engages with a new company during a new product development and innovative growth phase. 

Time is frequently the critical factor during product launch. GMI has a proven track record in supporting new product introduction. GMI always begins a New Product Introduction (NPI) with a Confidentiality Agreement. During the NPI phase, GMI is involved in the following actions:

Concept Design and Refinement
GMI offers engineering and technical support whether your new product is in the earliest design phases or deep in development.

Production Proposal Development
We offer our customers the operational and supply chain support to keep costs to a minimum while providing the highest quality product possible.

Prototype Creation
GMI offers prototype manufacturing from a few hand-built specs to a full pre-production machine run. Rapid response prototype services insure that customers can bring products to market sooner.

Testing and Modification
GMI develops extensive testing methods to examine your new product’s effectiveness. A complete assessment developed and a plan of action is established.

Production Process Planning – Design for Manufacturability (DfX)
Our new product introduction services expedite your ideas through the production process while ensuring quality is never sacrificed.  Our engineers will provide input to insure that your design is utilizing the best possible manufacturing practices to keep cost down with the least amount of risk and waste.

In addition to our NPI services, GMI assumes the manufacturing role during the mature phase of the production cycle and lends support and end-of-life services during the harvest (legacy) phase. GMI has a proven track record of supporting its customers every step of the way.

“GMI has successfully delivered initial builds of new assemblies with very little support from my company’s personnel when compared to past experiences (with other EMS providers). 

The introduction of these products with minimal interface has allowed my company to focus our energy on other projects which will in time bring more business to GMI.” 

New product introduction 

Supporting our customers every step of the way

New Product Introduction (NPI)

GMI’S “RAPID-RESPONSE” PROtotype assembly 

GMI's Value

Throughout the Product Lifecycle​

when your next project comes into view, we hope that gmi will be your manufacturer-of-choice 

​Time to market is crucial for our customers and our Rapid Response Prototype Services have not only gotten first articles in customers’ hands faster but offers the Design for Manufacture (DFM) input they need to ensure their products are designed for manufacturing efficiency.​

Life cycles are short and time to market is critical so you've got to have a solution provider that can deliver product quickly and accurately to the market. At GMI we are capable of producing build cycles in just a few days/weeks. GMI can offer a "Proof of Concept Build" in as little as 24 hours from receiving your parts, with short production runs in as little as 10 days, then ship your product in 24-48 hours.

gmi gets first articles to customers quickly

PCB Design New Product Introduction


for New Product Introduction