GMI uses the Aegis software solutions to track, analyze, and improve the manufacturing process. The following data is collected to continuously track and manage quality and efficiency:

  • Quote Turnaround Time
  • Overall Plant DPMO
  • On Time Delivery Data
  • RMAs vs. Shipments Data
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Repair/Rework Average Number of Days In House 
  • Lost Time Accident Data​​


the most experience and the best equipment

“I just want to thank you and the GMI team for your efforts in expediting the PCBAs for us. Your efforts will allow us to build and ship several critical month-end orders. We appreciate your support and dedication.”


Documentation Control
Paperless Factory
Inventory and WIP Tracking
Process Route Control
Data Collection and Mining
TLA Serial # to PCB Serial # Linkage 

key metrics

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PCB Assembly


the broadest capabilities in the industry

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB)

Printed circuit board assembly is our specialty. General Microcircuits has the best equipment, the most experience, and the broadest PCB assembly capabilities in the industry. 

Pick-and-place machinery by JUKI enables GMI to place more than 60,000 components per hour on a single manufacturing line, including increasingly small and dense package sizes as demanded by today’s marketplace. The JUKI equipment also gives us flexibility for quick changes between projects. Automated optical inspection (AOI) technology scrutinizes solder, polarity, and part number placement, ensuring that each product meets our quality standards. 

GMI also offers package on package (PoP) configurations, for increased component density, provides lead free wave solder or selective solder processing on pin-in-hole (PIH) systems, and handles both RoHS and non RoHS projects. ​

Benefits of Aegis 

when your next project comes into view, we hope that gmi will be your manufacturer-of-choice