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GMI Terms and Conditions

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Order Process
Prior to GMI's acceptance of an order, the customer must provide clear, complete, and the most current documentation of a Bill of Material including reference designators, manufacturer, manufacturer's part number, description, and quantity per, along with CAD and Gerber data. Prices quoted are based on the latest documentation supplied by customer. Any deviation from the quoted specifications will cause a price adjustment.Pricing and delivery are valid for thirty days from the date of the quote, and based on customer supplied documentation. Pricing is based on the ordered quantities. Adjustments in quantities will require a change in the unit price. Minimum orders are subject to per release fees.

Consigned Material
Customer should include GMI's Certificate of Compliance (C of C) and an itemized packing slip with kit. GMI requests the customer provide a 3% overage on all material. Customer will be paid for material at the same payment terms customer pays GMI invoices.
Substitution of Materials
Where customer has specified certain vendors for parts, GMI will not substitute without customer approval.
Residual or Excess Material
The customer is responsible for all Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable material including but not limited to PCB's, Mechanical and Custom parts, Minimum Order Quantities, and Tape & Reeled parts. GMI's unit price only includes the material required for the quantities quoted. Material remaining after an order/release is completed, and after receiving no additional order/release for 45 days, will be invoiced to the customer along with carrying fees. GMI may agree to commence material procurement activity on a project where the BOM is defined, but where the PCB artwork is incomplete, upon receipt of a purchase order from the customer. If the artwork signoff is then delayed and prevents GMI from meeting the agreed to delivery schedule, the material and carrying fees will be invoiced to the customer at that time.
Delivery Date 
Delivery date is based on standard component lead-times plus 6-8 weeks for custom manufacturing. GMI understands a customer's request for delivery may be significantly less than the date we have quoted. In some cases, Customer may elect to expedite certain long lead-time components at their own expense in order to shorten delivery time. In some cases, Customer may request Expedited Manufacturing. If Expedited Manufacturing is available, there will be an additional fee. All orders placed on hold will receive a revised delivery date. No hold will be accepted for more than thirty days. No orders may be re-scheduled or placed on hold within 30 days of delivery date. Customer will be responsible for all fees and costs incurred by GMI for any cancellations, re-schedules or holds.
Shipping Method
Method of Shipment, unless specified by the customer, will be selected by GMI. All shipments are FOB GMI's facility. Responsibility for any damage or loss ends, and title passes to Customer, when the products are delivered to the carrier. As a custom manufacturer, GMI reserves the right to ship 10% over or under the order quantity.
Payment Terms
Terms are Net 30 days with Credit approval. Where financial information is not available on a new customer, or on past due accounts, the terms are cash with Purchase Order. Credit privileges, shipments, and all services may be suspended solely at GMI's discretion when the financial condition of the customer or their account warrants such action. All past due invoices will be charged interest at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum).            
Limitation of Liability
No warranty covering the merchantablity, suitability, fitness of a product for a particular purpose or use, or design specification is offered by General Microcircuits, Inc. (GMI). Purchaser shall not in any event be entitled to, and General Microcircuits, Inc. shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any nature including, but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of use, loss of data, promotional or manufacturing expenses, overhead expenses, personal injury, injury to reputation, or loss of customers.
Boards are assembled to current IPC-610-A Class 2 standards.All through hole soldering will be performed with a no clean flux. Flux residue is acceptable under IPC standards and will be on the board.
GMI provides a 12 month warranty against defective workmanship on all assembly work.
These can be performed upon request for an additional charge. The level and extent of the testing will determine the charge.
Engineering Changes / Rework / Repair
GMI's representative will communicate a projected cost for an EC prior to implementation. All rework/repair estimates will be provided once a sample has been visually evaluated. Customer sign-off is required prior to implementation of either.
Claims and Returns        
No returns will be accepted without written request,a GMI RMA number, and authorization prior to return shipment.
GMI is pleased to provide appropriate tooling to ensure a quality job. GMI specifies tooling in each quotation based on documentation provided by the customer.
Expediting Material Delivery
GMI's purchasing relationships and experience improve the probability of pulling turn-key dates in. Until customer orders are placed, GMI cannot confirm an expedited delivery. If the customer requires, GMI can provide expediting services at an additional charge.
Expediting Manufacturing Time
If, at a customer's request or consent, overtime or premium time hours are applied to this order to expedite delivery, the extra expense thereof shall be charged to the customer.
All new testing is an estimate based on information provided by the customer. After the first several lots are manufactured, an actual test time will be calculated and the price adjusted accordingly. GMI encourages the customer to be "on-site" and involved during this evaluation process. Customer will supply all test fixtures. GMI may agree to accept an order without complete test procedures and fixturing, with receipt of a purchase order from the customer. This may affect the quoted Delivery Date. The same applies for Assemblies that include Programmed Parts.

GMI Terms and Conditions

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